OPC-021: On Raising Consciousness with Angelic Symbols, LIVE with Healer and Wellness Expert Madhura Girish

What’s the link between 🥺🤣❤️✨ and 〰➕☑️🛑?

They’re pictures that we’ve associated meanings – they are symbols or powerful communication tools that have evolved along with humans and some strongly believe that they aren’t just used on earth, but throughout the universe.

How can we use symbols to connect with various energies such as Love, Prosperity, Health and Happiness that can fuel our transformational journey?

What are the angelic Zibu symbols and can we use them to raise our consciousness and declutter our minds?

Healer and Wellness Expert Madhura Girish says yes, and we were pretty excited to chat with her about it.

Midhura shared a whole range of incredible Angelic symbols that anyone can use to overcome any challenge, affliction or mental obstacle they might be facing.

Join us as we venture into the angelic.

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Photo by Radu Florin from Pexels

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OCP-021: Coming Soon

New Episode soonAugust 29, 2020
OCP-021: Coming Soon

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