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WTF is OnConscious Podcast?

We explore new ideas, fringe concepts, radical technologies and everything in between to give you a toolkit to create a better tomorrow, for yourself, your community and the cool shit that sets your soul on fire.

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Who’s Behind OnConscious?

Just a couple of ordinary humans fascinated by extraordinary things. We decided to turn our Whatsapp chats into a podcast.

Reva Ananda

Creator & Co-Host

Singapore Sling. Sporadic. Socially Awkward. Digitally Active. Dubai. Now, a Moderately Caffeinated Copywriter Pursuing Anandamide on my Kawasaki Cafe Racer.

Chris McLean

Creator & Co-Host

Animal Lover, Borderline Vegan. Ozzie. Seeker of Truths, Student of Flow & Questioner of all the stuff. Ex digital agency founder, current CMO of a sustainability startup (aka saving the planet).

OCP-021: Coming Soon

New Episode soonAugust 29, 2020
OCP-021: Coming Soon

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