OCP-016: On Masculinity & The Masks We Wear As Modern Men, With ‘Maskless Men’ Men’s Coach and Podcaster Jay Williams

What is a Maskless Man? Why do we, as Men, wear masks? Is Toxic Masculinity a real thing? and why does it exist in today’s culture?

In this episode, we deep dive the state of Masculinity in very interesting, often polarising times to be a Man.

This was a fascinating discussion with a coach on the frontlines of supporting the transformation of “Nice Guys” into the archetypal “Mature Man”.

Join us as we get Conscious about Men, what they think, and how they can fully step into their roles as mature masculine providers, protectors, partners, fathers, sons and human beings.

Jay Williams

Jay is a Personal & Performance Coach For Professional Men.

Trained and certified in NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming), Timeline Therapy & Hypnosis. Jay pulls on both his professional and personal experience to help you to the breakthrough in your life.

Jay is fuelled by his passion for building great relationships with both his clients and his prospects. He is a student first and a coach second. Committed and always curious to learn about people, behaviours and the study of the brain. All with the intention of growing so he can best serve his clients.

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Show Notes

Maskless Men’s Coaching:

At Maskless Men we provide Professional Life Coaching For Men who want to become more Empowered, Fulfilled and True to themselves in all areas of their lives. We also run Men’s Events, Men’s circles & Men’s groups to support men who are struggling with relationships, parenting, sexuality, questions about being a man, career, feeling alone, feeling like there is something wrong with them, family, friendships and so much more.

Connect with Jay Williams & Maskless Men:

Website: http://masklessmen.com
Podcast: http://masklessmen.com/podcast
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/masklessmen

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