OCP-018: On Raising Your Consciousness With Crystals – LIVE With Holistic Healer Manisha Dutta

Their balance, geometry, frequencies they emit and their ability to store a tremendous amount of info make crystals the perfect partner to modern tech – think silicon chips, ultrasounds, television, watches etc. So, it makes total sense why they are seen as an energy portal or place of power.

But how do we, as humans, best harness the energy of crystals and care for them? What are some of the most common crystals and their superpowers.

Holistic Healer, Manisha Dutta is joining us LIVE to talk us through the amazing world of crystals.

Let’s talk about the fabulous world of crystals!

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Show Notes

About Manisha Dutta

Helping balance energy in your space through Feng Shui Consultations and in your body through Sound Therapy, Chakra Alignment & Access Bars.

Meet Manisha


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Photo by Radu Florin from Pexels

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