OCP-013: Align With Destiny & Discover Your Divine Purpose with Quantum Evolution and Leadership Coach Heath Myers

In this episode, we go deeeep into the mystical with Quantum Evolution & Leadership Coach and Diving Channel Heath Myers, Agent of Change.

This conversation is a container for transformation, an opportunity to connect with our soul’s highest path, a pathway to Consciously Creating a better planet for all of us.

We absolutely loved this conversation with Heath. We went deep on connecting to the Divine, Channeling, Starseed activation and much, much more!

There are many timelines and pathways we can travel down in life. ONE is your Soul’s Destiny. Your Soul’s Destiny is your personal Divine Plan.  

It’s your most purposeful pathway of Service and Creativity that leads you into the quantum reality of actualising your Mastery.

It is your highest timeline of limitless potential.

Join us as we explore all this and more.

Who is Heath Myers?

Heath Myers is a Channel, Intuitive, Quantum Evolution and Leadership Coach and the Founder of Mastery Matrix™.

His journey into spiritual evolution work was catalysed by a life-changing spiritual awakening the result of which saw him searching for answers.

It marked the beginning of nearly 20 years dedication to a vast array of personal and professional development, healing modalities, shamanic practices and embodiment arts.

In that time he’s built a successful, impact-driven business that’s transformed the lives of thousands of people. Heath is a healer and a world-bridger.

He’s served the planet on many levels from holding channeled planetary activation ceremonies, to coaching purpose-driven business owners, to conducting leadership facilitation for senior executives in financial institutions.

Now a divine channel for various Star Races his mission is to activate The Starseeds in the pursuit of rapidly accelerating planetary evolution.

Discover more @ https://heathmyers.com

Show Notes

Visit Heath’s website to explore all this and more.


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