OCP-009: On Transforming Fear into Growth with Rapid Transformational Therapist Christian Burne

On this very special LIVE video episode, we had an incredible conversation about transforming fear, with Rapid Transformational Therapist & Success Coach Christian Burne.

As Christian says: “After 20 years working for and starting creative businesses at the highest levels, I now specialise in helping 6 figure entrepreneurs and high-performers release the handbrake, to hit new levels of confidence and success.”

We wanted to explore Fear and how it is possible to transmute it into growth – is it even possible?

In these times where many see a world in crisis – and that is becoming their internal world – how can people shift from that negative state of fear, panic & crisis, and into Growth, positivity & love?

On this episode, we went deep into:

  • the difference between passive and proactive resilience
  • why this is an unprecedented time to work on yourself and take back your control
  • the importance and power of asking and connecting with your why?
  • how and why unformed childhood memories can derail us in adult life
  • how to start your own transformation journey and come out of the COVID19 experience stronger, bigger and better.
    Please check it out, and share it with anyone you think it might support or help.

As Christian promised at the end, if you want to book in a free, zero obligation Break-Through call with him, please click the link below.

What can you discuss?

Anything that is getting in the way of you feeling:

  • calm and in control of your thoughts, feelings and emotions
  • clear and excited about how you can use this unique period of complete, global digital transformation to pursue the new you, or career
  • capable and competent to make the most of this opportunity
  • positive and confident enough to pursue what you really want

Christian is here to help, and after chatting to him we are confident you’ll have a powerful experience on the call.

Just. Click. This

Show Notes

Photo by ThisIsEngineering from Pexels

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