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Exclusive Access To Expert Guests Featured On the OnConscious Podcast Facebook LIVE Series! 

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9 Conscious Containers For Rapid Transformation
(Skip the Mainstream & Tap Your Unlimited Potential) [PDF Download]

Our Exclusive 34 page Report Shows You How To Thrive During Isolation And Consciously Create The Life of Your Dreams, By Tapping The Unlimited Potential Of Your Own Mind, Body & Soul.

Want to Live a more bad ass life? Tired of following the mainstream advice of hiding & hand washing? Convinced there's better ways to build immunity, inner strength & resilience? 

Then this guide is for you! Full of simple, natural ways to build yourself up & live your best life under any condition.

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We've Organised Exclusive Private Coaching & Healing Sessions With Our Experts, Just For You!

Actively Remove Subconscious Blocks With Theta Healing | 15 Min Call

Yara Chebly

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Christian Burne is a Rapid Transformational Therapist & Success Coach, upgrading confidence & resilience in people ready for their next level.

Find Clarity, Alignment, Leadership & Momentum |
45 Min CALM Insight Call

Christian Burne

Christian helps mission ready professionals trapped behind self-preservation to Transform their fear into Clarity, Confidence & Exhilarating Success!

Your FREE 45 Minute CALM session can be one-on-one or group (max 5) and would be a coaching sprint across one part of the system:

> Get Clear on (idea, problem, opportunity etc..), blocks etc…

> Alignment: clear (or identify blocks) and review, and optimise external balance (people, routines, health, work/life etc..)

> Leadership: review, adjust, fix any day to day self-leadership issues.

> Momentum: progress mapping,  win check-points, clear any self-celebration blocks

Are you ready to unlock your next level?

Free Online Workshops and Activations including The Starseed Activations™ 1 & 2

Heath Myers

What Can You Expect?

You’ll be blown away at the UPGRADES available for you to receive right NOW!

SO…get ready to step deeper into your potential to create a lasting IMPACT on planet Earth…

As Heath facilitates a channelled activation anchoring the first round of The Starseed Activation Codes.


✓ (RE)CONNECT with your Divine Guidance Team – your Higher Self, your Soul, your Spirit Guides and Star Family.

✓ DISSOLVE the lower vibrational coding that limits your self-belief and blocks your courage in following a path of purpose.

✓ ACTIVATE remembrance of your Soul’s most mastered characteristics and step into inspired action!

✓ AMPLIFY your influence through embodied self-awareness of your Soul’s desire to lead.

✓ ALIGN your life and your business with your Soul’s highest intentions for purposeful creativity, freedom and abundance.

✓ ACCELERATE your evolution with tools and techniques that unlock your spiritual potential.

If you’re truly here to make an impact and aid the evolution of humanity whilst manifesting abundance be sure to watch this powerful presentation.

We thank Heath for this incredible gift, and encourage you to connect with your divine destiny to unlock your sacred codes for living your most exceptional life of service to the world.

These are much watch workshops for all the starseeds and lightworkers 🙂

Heath Myers is a Channel, Intuitive, Quantum Evolution and Leadership Coach and the Founder of Mastery Matrix™.

Kriss Venugopal is a Clinical Hypnotherapist, Motivational Speaker, Consultant Psychologist, Author and Student of Transactional Analysis & NLP.

Key 2 Minds |
15 Min Hypnotherapy Session

Kriss Venugopal

Life is a tight-rope walk, keeping the mind and body in tandem. The mind influences the body and so does the body influence the mind.

uddhared atmanatmanam natmanam avasadayet
atmaiva hy atmano bandhur atmaiva ripur atmanah
(Chapter 6 Verse 5 of Srimad Bhagavath Gita)

"One’s self or the mind is the reason for one’s upliftment and could be the reason for one’s degradation. The self can be the friend to one, and also its enemy."

Kriss' Hynotherapy sessions aim to reprogram patterns of behaviour within your mind, which helps you overcome phobias, irrational fears, suppressed emotions, negative thoughts and negative thinking patterns.

Your 15 Minute session with Kriss can be used to get to work on treating anxiety, phobias, substance abuse, sexual dysfunction, undesirable and spontaneous behaviours, and cessation habits.

It can be used also to help improve sleep, learning disorders, communication, and relationship issues. It can aid in pain management and help resolve medical conditions in certain cases too!

Connect with Kriss to upgrade your thinking & find peace in your mind once again.

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